Ninety – Jaden (Music Video)

Jaden has released a brand new music video for the classic “Ninety” on May 21st, 2020. “Ninety” is a banger from Jaden’s 2017 album “SYRE” that was one of the three 5 minute plus songs. “Ninety” is a two toned track where in the first half Jaden spends time explaining how he can spice a lovers life with his words rather then the traditional means. In the second half the “Lost Boy” unfortunately dies after getting what he really wants, in the lyrics Jaden speaks how their will be no growth while hoping the sunset that represents the perfect romance he wanted would last is mentioned. “Ninety” was one of my favorites from “SYRE”, it was a poetic song that showed Jaden’s storytelling off. The visuals are beautiful, the melting sky that is blended with purple, pink and orange is the setting for Jaden who has many beautiful angles on this music video till “SYRE’s” death.

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