LUV (Ohh Nana) by BOASTY (Music Video)

London’s BOASTY (kingboasty) dropped a music video for his single “LUV (Ohh Nana)” on February 14th, 2020. BOASTY has a great, positive flow/delivery on “LUV (ohh Nana), the song has two parts which we will discuss. At first the track starts off with a Jamaican rap-pop like beat where BOASTY almost sounds like mixtape era Drake. 1 minute, 28 seconds we get a trap beat mix that switches back to our regularly scheduled program. 2 minutes, 19 seconds another cut with focused narrative on troubled youth who are around crime or do hood shit. The track plays out normally to the end. Now lyrically “LUV” focuses on the admiration of your peers, your community all the way till you at the top of the game, love for your own is love that is grown which is strongly presented here. Production was nice, handled by iizaiah (iizaiah) the beat changes were clean, overall product was dope, I’ll take a 8th. Show some love to these guys, without love where will we go.

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