Shot Caller – Jaye Vataan x CherryBoy (Music Video)

Bakersfield based rapper Jaye Vataan (tkeoffghost) teamed up with fellow rapper CherryBoy (tkeoff.cherry) to drop a single/music video titled “Shot Caller” February 18th, 2020. Jaye starts it off with a solid gangsta rap flow/delivery that matches the topics he discusses, from bitches, fake friends, investing into business and straight kilo bars. Towards the end the cherry on top Cherryboy drops on the creamy track to finish it off with a southern sounding flow, his lyrics pertain to similar topics yet the variety of his approach helps mix it up. We got Drewshotya (drewshotya) back with the directors cap, great visuals yet again, for those who may not know brodie just did the music video for the homie Vcid High (vcidhigh), peep his new drop as well. Show love to these artist ya’ll, if you don’t then why we here even?

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