Gravity – Insane Shinobi (Review)

Virginia artist Insane Shinobi (shinobi_the_lonely_) released his album “Gravity” on March 7th, 2020. Now we take time to listen to albums so these reviews actually have value verses the dime a dozen reviews that drop a day or two after a release, I believe you need to allow the music to marinate so that’s what I did with “Gravity” which was a interesting album. The blend of rap, pop and lofi is wild ya’ll, let’s just cut to the chase, this is “Gravity’ by Insane Shinobi

“Gravity (Intro)” starts it off with a call between an unknown male and Shinobi, after that we are greeted to “Departure.” “Departure” starts with a boarding call that leads to romantic vocals, my man Shinobi puts on his best Frank Ocean setting for this track, from production to vocals. The theme revolves around loving a girl who left you, but you wanna get her back by any means. “Dream Catcher” follows, this was the song that made fall for the album, who hasn’t chased a dream whether it seemed stupid or impossible. This gave me Spider-Verse vibes, something that has a great hook, catchy lyrics with a good beat. “Tokyo Drift” was fire yo, straight flame, Shinobi and guest feature Caleb Toremember drop a tale of their trip to Tokyo on a catchy beat. Track 5 titled “Ronin” puts you into the mind of a samurai while Shinobi also talks about his life, mindset all with a fast, furious flow that matches the name, “Ronin” is as sharp as the blade it strikes with. “Rising Star” is all about overcoming your obstacals, the song is about breaking your square and entering the void of creative freedom with yourself.

“Doraibu” has a Goldlink vibe, I really liked the production on this track which lyrically was more pop-R&B, a nice change up while still throwing in solid bars. “Manga” baby, read it like the print on legit manga cause this is all about fakes trying to hit your line once you’ve moved forward. I really think this flowed well after “Doraibu”, the transition was sneaky like a ninja. Track 9, “Rockstar” is all about that lifestyle, this production is different, more rock based but with a aggressive tone that has you by the neck. “Lately” sees Insane Shinobi talking about what’s up with himself, diving in deeper to who he is, why he makes music and the feelings he has been having lately. The production is jazz-rap which makes me melt like butter in a hot pan, I fuck with it. We conclude with the self-titled track “Gravity.” This as a rap-gospel blend that Logic tried to prefect but Shinobi didn’t pretend, my mans knocked this out the park like Barry Bonds. This is hype, a great way to conclude a wonderful LP.

Overall this was well done, I enjoyed the entirety of this album, cover to cover. Production was what drew me in, the sounds I heard had such creative flare that I couldn’t help but smile and bop to the album. Lyrically Insane Shinobi may be apart of the ANBU, he had weapons on the paper with a pen as sharp as a katana. Favorite songs for me were “Gravity”, “Lately” and “Departure.” “Gravity” and “Lately” had the most unique sounding production for me, both tracks got my thumbs up alone for that with another one for the great lyricism. “Departure” was my lyrical track, I just liked the vocals/rapping done on the track, it was a beauty. Show my man some love ya’ll, he has a new project dropping soon so stay tuned, until then I am The Musical Hippie and these were my thoughts on “Gravity” by Insane Shinobi.

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