KAMP KOKO – Simon Vertugo x Melnickson x Juno’s Rocket (Single)

San Jose’s Simon Vertugo (simonvertugo) teamed up with Melnickson (melnickson_) and Juno’s Rocket (junosrocket) to release a new single titled “KAMP KOKO.” Verse one belongs to Melnickson who starts of faster then rabbit sex, great flow/delivery that helps lead into Juno’s verse. Rocket blast off and zooms through the track with smooth bars that ignite the universe of music with energy and stardom. Vertugo, Vertugo, Vertugo gotta go harder then Joe Carter in the ’93 World Series, brother helps wrap this sandwich up with the final flame in this hot track. Show my boys love, you already know this shit hot so don’t be a busta, be a hustla.


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