crush – LUCIDREAM (Single)

Little Saigon, Orange County, California based group LUCIDREAM ( released their single “crush” on May 8th, 2020. Now this was a challenge cause I couldn’t find much info on the group but here’s what I got from their Spotify, 4 Vietnamese-Americans came together, a socially awkward boi who’s broker than your heart, a tragic gay girl who catches feelings at the slightest interaction, a girl who needs coffee, like right now and a buff-but-soft boi who loves pugs. Now the group enlist the help of Mason Wong (yungmasonwong) and Aaron Mella (aaron.mella) for this beautiful sad-pop/lofi style song. The lyrics revolve around love, the crushing stage where you’re addicted to that apple of your eye to the tragic realization of not being able to pursue them further. Overall this was fire, so add some wood to their flame by sharing or following these talented cats out.

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