The Dark Side – Ty Laio (Review)

Ty Laio (ty.laio) released a brand new EP titled “The Dark Side” on April 22nd, 2020. We’ve featured this young brother a couple times before and have seen his development as a artist through his consistent releases. This time he is bringing a more trap-synthetic sound to his music which I like. The EP is only 3 songs, coming in at 8 minutes, 18 seconds so let’s kill this review, this is “The Dark Side” by Ty Laio.

“See Me” features MoonLee (moonlee1_) which is the first time Ty Laio has a feature on any of his released projects. The single is for those who felt ghosted or abandoned by people, left to fend their demons off alone when they just want some help. MoonLee does a great job with his vocals while Ty Laio has a more consistent flow/delivery then the last release. “Missed Call” is the a solo from Ty, it starts off with a nice, slow acoustic build up then drops into a acoustic-trap track. The theme reveals around trying to hit up that friend or lover who seems to be distancing themselves, I really liked how the guitar changed frequency when Ty did his hook, that was dope. The pace is slower, focused on wordplay while delivering a story on trying to find oneself when the ones you loved left. “Can’t Stand It” concludes this short EP, MoonLee is back with more dope vocals while Ty speaks about falling out with a lover who seemed to play more games then a emulator. I really think this was a good wrap up, it brings all that was good about the previous tracks into one.

Overall solid EP, my man wasn’t wrong when he said this was his best work yet. I think the production was well done, the different blends of genres with energetic beats kept me engaged with the whole project. Lyrics were solid, this EP is storytelling by design, each song has a narrative but all of them combine into one overall story. I think my man Ty Laio hit it right here, so make sure to give this a listen, no favorite track on this because all of them were good in my opinion. MoonLee also released a new album titled “To the Moon and Back” today, May 10th, 2020, I linked it so hit the button below to instantly go to it. Show some love, I am The Musical Hippie and these were my thoughts on “The Dark Side” by Ty Laio.

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