Talk My Shit/Love M3 – Xokinetic (Singles)

San Jose rapper Xokinetic (xokinetic) released two new singles on May 1st, 2020. Lets break em down like some good tree. Show my brother some love once you peep these singles ya’ll, blessings to ya.

Talk My Shit

“Talk My Shit” has a aggressive tone to it, a fuck you pay me like mindset. The production starts off slow but quickly you learn how cuddie from The Bay get down with this hyped up beat. Lyrics revolve around Xo talking shit about former females and opposing opinions, he brings a attitude on this that I haven’t heard before. I really liked this one, this would go hard as fuck if you’re working out.

Love M3

Ya’ll know a simp, everyone has that friend, I have moved past those times now but still enjoy the sad boy/emo rap sound which is what “Love M3” reminds me of. The lyrical themes revolve around trying to get a girl back who left you, she is out parting, getting trains while you sit back and grind to get her back. You wanna get her back but the big question is will see change her ways to make it work? Production is solid, I enjoy the beats slow buildup.

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