Jump Ship – Sariud x 98 CAPITAL (Single)

Philadalphia musician Sariud (sariuddd) teamed up with 98 CAPITALS to release their latest single “Jump Ship” on May 8th, 2020. 98 CAPITALS consist of Nyfease Hassan (belikefease) and Ace Blizzy (blizzardimagery), Hassan has a deeper tone to his voice while Blizzy is lighter in vocals. The first verse by is solid, I liked the slow, menacing flow and delivery. Second verse which I believe was Hassan was the second verse, shit was slow like the first but more focused on going word for word with the flow, I liked the emphasis on each word to draw your attention. Ace finishes up the track with the smoothest flow of them all, like Tampico with Vodka this shit hits good. Sariud’s production isn’t lacking either, with headphones on I felt the bass as I dissected the Tyler, the Creator “Goblin” blend with Vince Staple style production, that was at least the vibe I was riding. Show love to all these brothers.

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