Help Thy Hustler: The time to Support Local Business (Out of Pocket)

With lock down slowly lifting in certain states I wanted to just take a moment to speak upon the importance of community support. Now since I left San Jose and moved down to Bakersfield I have come to enjoy the many local spots I never saw in SJ, from the many local game stores to the countless amount of vintage/thrift stores, now that isn’t to say San Jose never had them but down here the local love is high, but with the shutdown I witnessed slowly many businesses crumble while others rose to the occasion. Now with my time at FYE I have learned that a lot of people in Bakes have side hustles, I am a firm believer in having a hustle, we all have something we grind towards to escape our reality. What the bigger issue is with all the temporarily closings, many businesses unknowingly closed their doors for the last times. Now I like to theorize, I love thinking out the box, never settling for what is “normal” because you always should question or look for something deeper under the truth, but the fucked reality is that many of the local businesses in Bakersfield that have closed will most likely be gone and replaced by a corporate establishment, which in reality would happen eventually but with this shutdown it has accelerated the progress, this city was already planning many chains to add locations down here between Fall 2020 to early 2021. However I also believe that this lock down has brought out the best of people who have passion, I have seen a huge increase in local support, people who are able to flip their solidarity into profit, this is the perfect time for anybody who wants to dip their toes into being an entertainer or have a passion for fashion, this is your time to become what you’d like, we have all the time in the world now and until the world resets to “normal” you have a opportunity to make a dream into reality.

Now I never have direction when it comes to writing these “Out of Pocket” topics, I always try to sorta segway into my argument and conclude but I really don’t feel this is something to discuss. I want this post to more or less serve as a reminder that as a person, a breathing organism on this planet that everyday is the day you can pursue your dream. Many of the brothers and sisters I have ever spoken too are just like me, working, saving money to pursue their hobbies or interest and above all free, open minded folk. What the remainder of this post will be is a dedication to a select few business or independent hustlers that are adapting to the COVID-19 shutdown, good people who are doing the most they can or are grinding 24/7. I always see these select individuals on my Instagram feed so I wanna just show them a little more love, so here are some hustlers to help motivate you into spending this free time differently.


P408 (p408) is based in San Jose, I have featured him a couple times and know him best for his thrifting. Now homie has invested into more then just his dog family or vintage clothing, he is now selling meals in bulk for affordable prices for those who just need a night of eating out. From tri-tip with rice, bacon wrapped asparagus with deserts from bakedbybeee to fresh Ceviche, homie is in the kitchen cooking up more then just good deals. On top of this he is also freely donating mask, gloves and hand sanitizer whenever folks come and ask, he is a true example of a community leader in the 408 so salute to you brother for all you do.


My man YONEX JONES (yonexjones)better known as TANKSHIT BOXTRUCK (tankshitboxtruck) has been steady grinding before this lock down but with it it has only shined his light more. My man rolls around in his custom box truck selling everything from exotic drinks to his brand of merch that brings a variety of options, I’d list them but why not look for your friendly neighborhood box truck to see it for yourself. He has a impressive style to him, a blend of street graffiti meets The Bay, this brother has been cruising around his community doing all he can to help, from promoting mask to providing knowledge, this brother deserves more props then a warehouse.

Bronson Alcott High Vintage

It should be no surprise I have to mention my favorite store down in Bakersfield, Bronson Alcott High Vintage (_balcotthighvintage) has been ahead of many by refashioning old cloth into double-sided face mask. They just recently sold out on these beauties but past this they have been a huge part of supporting many local artist and vendors, as you’ve seen before they hosted events that I have attended which will pick up once the pandemic ends. I always gotta show them love for what they do and the amazing deals they give, so one love ya’ll.

Mr Black Coffin

The last person I wanna spread love to is my man Mr Black Coffin (mrblackcoffin). He is a essential worker who has been steadily releasing music before and during COVID-19. I have mad respect for this brother, he is constantly putting his all into work and music, he is dedicated to his craft which I have to admire. He deserves this spot for his work, thank you for what you do brother, stay up.


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