Permanent Revisited (Part Time Punks Session) – Fawns Of Love (Review)

Bakersfield’s own Fawns Of Love (fawnsoflove) released their EP “Permanent Revisited (Part Time Punks Session)” on April 17th, 2020. “Permanent Revisited” is a reworking of 5 tracks from the duo’s 2019 album “Permanent.” The songs were tailored for their second Part Time Punks (parttimepunksla) radio session, adding entirely new dimensions to these five songs exclusively for KXLU. The duo expanded upon their post-punk ethos using Cocteau Twins inspired reverb drenched vocals along with New Order inspired guitar leads and sequences. Now be prepared for something different, the lovely couple behind this music will have you feeling like you’re in a sunken place, you’re gonna wanna get out of sync with reality once you here this bad boy, but without anymore delay these are my thoughts on “Permanent Revisited (Part Time Punks Session)” by Fawns Of Love.

We begin with “Permanent”, the track starts off with some 808’s and synthetic guitar which leads into a mega trip of 80’s rock nostalgia. Now a common issue for me is understanding the lyrics perfectly, I always do my best to provide my interpretation on the track, so bear with me. “Permanent” feels as if you’re trapped within your own inability to grow, I feel as if the songs lyrics are to jog that moment in your life where you felt trapped, helpless, which for me is how I feel when I sat to really engage with the song. We covered “December” back on the 4th of April so I will keep it brief, the might drums play up the track with piano following, this track reminded me of Falkor from The NeverEnding Story, just riding through the skies, hair down, dope track. “Divine” reminded me a lot of freestyle music out the gates, but Jenny’s vocals control the track as the wonderful live instruments crash into a musical tsunami that washes away any sorta negative vibe I had during my day. What a day but “Someday”, this was a nice track that left me asking myself where do I wanna be with myself. The tracks vocals don’t even start until a minute deep but when they do the haunting voice of Jenny brings forth joy as she sings to her hearts content over yet another jazz-synth like beat. “Horoscope” was a big standout from the previous four tracks in talk of production, a more club-synthetic sound where I hear more drum/snare combos then I had before. I really enjoyed this curveball that steadily stays in your ears.

Overall I am gonna say this is well worth a listen, for fans of synthetic or 80’s style music I feel this will be one you enjoy but if I wasn’t into the genre I recommend starting with “Horoscope.” For me I feel “Horoscope” would work for a multitude of environments, this would be a fun one to dance too in my humble opinion. Favorite track for me is gonna be “December” purly for the 80’s vibe I feel, this had my down, grooving fully in tune with the track. Make sure that if you enjoyed this to follow Fawns Of Love for more, show them major love for me, as always I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “Permanent Revisited (Part Time Punks Session)” by Fawns Of Love.


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