Meet Again – Kikimora (Lyrics Video)

El Paso, TX based band Kikimora (kikimoramusic) released a lyrics video for their single “Meet Again” on April 30th, 2020. First allow me to break down the band, Haley Lynch (laynebeachly) is the beautiful Noire like vocalist of the group, Julio Mena (grooveasaurus) is our drummer, Leo Bennato (leo.bennato) as the keyboardist, Edd Ramos (eddm.ramos) on guitar with Jericho on bass. Now this the type of music you gotta be ready to experience, a blend of noir jazz and funk rock, like I said this is a experience that may I suggest smoking too or even just relaxing in your comforter in a cool cool room to enjoy it fully. Lyrically the song to me is like bumping into an old friend, you small chat to catch-up but maybe you’d like to reconnect, it could also be about a romantic interest that you hope to get another date with. Show love with a listen or follow, always helps musicians out.

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