Go Gadget/Blues Clues – DLNQNT x 4rif (Review)

Philadelphia native DLNQNT (dlnqntdntply) teamed up with Bay Area based artist 4rif (4rifthe4rtist) to release a two track EP titled “Go Gadget/Blues Clues” on Wednesday, April 29th, 2020. DLNQNT pronounced duh-linq-has been enjoying some solid success with his career so far, his 2019 single “SWISH” has been featured on the popular sports page, Overtime along with being played during the McDonald’s All-American Game as well. DLNQNT strives to not be categorized, making unique music since 2018. Many may be familiar with 4rif who is better known as Azerrz on YouTube, famous for his multitude of voices that vary from Cleveland Brown to Pennywise, I have been a subscriber too Azerrz since the videogames days. Azerrz has been releasing music on and off with his other content, his first single “August” being a banger, he has a more Daniel Caesar meets The Bay vibe to him. The two have worked in the past with each other, 4rif was a guest feature for DLNQNT’s single “G League” off of his 2019 LP “DZJNTD Vol. 1 – DNT PLY.” Now I gotta give a huge shoutout to DLNQNT’s manager Pompey who contacted me, gave me exclusive access to the EP with additional information, he’s a real one for that. With no more delay, let’s get the coal’s warmed up for this freight train of music, this is “Go Gadget/Blues Clues” by DLNQNT and 4rif.

“Go Gadget” is a lighthearted, playful track produced by Callan (1callan), same brother behind Lil Mosey’s hit single “Blueberry Faygo.” The track starts with DLNQNT with a very mellow chorus that leads into his first verse. The tracks name is obviously a play on Inspector Gadget, but rather then just leave it at that the lyrically theme that both of these brothers follow is that of nightly escapades with woman as they slowly fall in love with their features. 4rif is the second verse which follows the themes stated but rather the having a trap rap vibe that DLNQNT has, I heard more of a R&B-pop style from him, he had more focus on his vocals which helped bring in diversity to this track. “Blues Clues” is more close to home for me as the production is that Bay Area bop that makes you crank ya system up to ghost ride the whip. 4rif starts the track off where he changes it up from “Go Gadget” with a deeper voice as he raps in what I see as a Southern rap blend with West Coast gangsta style, his lyrically themes revolve around woman, people doing the absolute most for fame as rif stays on his grind that others are trying to duplicate. DLNQNT is the hook/second verse where he continues the idea of people trying to copy and paste his style while rapping about how peoples attitude switches up quick when money is involved, his hook then plays out the remainder of the track.

Overall I am gonna say that this is a solid EP from the two, my only thing is now I have to wait for more music from this solid duo. I think both tracks production, I liked Callan’s the most for “Go Gadget” but lyrically I think “Blues Clues” had the better wordplay, flow and delivery. I think the next direction for this duo should be a LP that takes more popular cartoon shows and turns them intro tracks, would love to see Code Name Kids Next Door or Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, those would have some fire bars for sure. But that’s about it, now I leave this EP to the hands of your, again many thanks to Pompey for contacting me, I am The Musical Hippie and these were my thoughts on “Go Gadget/Blues Clues” by DLNQNT and 4rif.

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