Cold Fish 2 – Johnny Storm x Fony Wallace (Review)

Standing at 6’2, 235 lbs from Long Island, NY, with 10 thousand songs made, age 24, overall 95, Johnny Storm (johnnystorm_). To his left, entering the review at 5’11, 190 lbs, from parts unknown with 10 thousand beats made, overall 98, Fony Wallace (fonywallace). “Cold Fish 2” is a follow up to his 2019 release “Cold Fish” which I have not listened to so for those who are fans note that before ya dunk on me for anything I may not understand. What caught my eye was the cover art designed by Lees (leesgotasthma) which replicates Larry Bird guarding Magic Johnson. Now let’s go to the free throw line, this is it, these are my thoughts on “Cold Fish 2” by Johnny Storm and Fony Wallace.

We begin like any album with a introduction which talks about the legacy that lives in rivalries. The intro gets you hyped for this basketball themed album, it’s showtime. “Loch Ness” is dope, it has a sample of what I believe is the sound effect from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 when you launch the game/play through campaign. Lyrically the song focuses on not fucking with fake bitches, mumble rap and being yourself, solid track like I said. “50’s” is all about the feds chasing a brother trapping, trying to stop his hustle when that was his only option to make money until music. Solid trap song overall. Track 3 titled “Knoc Me Down” is about getting back up, never quitting the hustle no matter what, this is another trap styled song that does very well with keeping the momentum high, solid shit. “Michael Jordan” follows afterward with a pull up 3, stylizing a hook from Jim Jones “We Fly High” as he raps about The GOAT, fallen artist and gangsta rap like activities. Track 5, “Bang Bang” brings spaghetti western cords to a slow, street anthem like beat, Storm raps about the violence that destroys communities, the bang of a gun that takes lives, ruins families but causes revolution.

“Alone” follows afterwards, with a XXXTENTACION vibe, the song goes between talking about being alone with ya girl while also using the isolation to make moves, solid track. “No Sound” is mainly about a former lover leaving you as you state how nobody will ever be as good as you. “Can’t Go Bac” sees the only guest feature on the LP from Lonny Love (, the duo rap about a lover who hurt them, explaining that they can’t fix what is broken, Love spends his verse on the recovery stage of going out, partying and living life. “Drugs & Love” is a simple tune about not mixing your feelings with those Chemical X like drugs, straight forward but I enjoyed it. “Clean Up” is a fitting name for our final track, lyrically the focus is on reforming, instead of being a party filled person you slowly realize that you need to apply yourself to something bigger. Exercise, hustle, grind, something that will make you better, great end track for a good project.

Overall this is a good album from the dynamic duo. The production was solid, each songs beat matched the tone along with not being overpowering. Lyrically the album was very well worded, nothing felt random but I did feel some repetition at times which had me taking a break to digest the album, but I still say this is lyrically solid. Top 3 songs for me are “Loch Ness”, “Michael Jordan” and “Bang Bang.” “Loch Ness” and “Michael Jordan” had some of the best bars on the album, I also loved the production on both, but I mean that MW2 sample is hot. “Bang Bang” slapped, I would’ve said banged but that may have gotten X-Rated to quick. Show love to all the artist involved by getting a copy of the album for $8, following them or just listening, all love helps.

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