Want Me – ApolloxRicky x Xokinetic (Single)

My brothers from SJ ApolloxRicky (apolloxricky) and Xokinetic (xokinetic) released a new single titled “Want Me” on April 24th, 2020. The single has a more romantic tone too it as Apollo and Kinetic drop verses in a XXXTENTACION fashion, from production to flow/delivery I really felt that XXX vibe. Theme again is romance but to get deeper into the cut it seems that Apollo’s verse is about handling a breakup but poorly doing so, but when he gets back to himself it seems his former lover wants him back. Kinetic focuses on not letting any female or cuddie fuck him up, rocking the attitude of you didn’t want me when I was at my lowest, you don’t deserve me at my highest. Really liked the vocals, flow, beat I mean this is a slapper, so please when you’re out getting your essentials make sure to put this on the list along with following my dudes.


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