The Great Unknown – D.Craze the Destroyer (Review)

Erie, Pennsylvania based rapper D.Craze the Destroyer (TheRealDCrazE) contacted us on our Facebook page to seek out on if we could review his 2018 album “The Great Unknown.” Now besides D’ amazing physique I can’t lie the title grabbed my attention, i ain’t no cat but mystery gets my curiosity up. The 20 track LP also has some notable guest features who shall stay anonymous until we reach those tracks, so without further a due, these are my thoughts on “The Great Unknown” by D.Craze the Destroyer.

“Say What You Mean” starts with a bang, I want expecting D to have such a fast flow/delivery but his aggressive really kept me in focus, the songs production reminds me of something from Strange Music, it has a heavy metal/rock/rap blend, hard to explain. Track 2 titles “Family Matters” sees our first guest, none other then Raekwon “The Chef.” The production has a 90’s East Coast vibe as Rae and D spend time rapping about mafia like topics that rotate around family, business and hustle. Both this and “Say What You Mean” are dope starts to the album. “Hurts” features a female vocalist named Nyx that brings an angelic touch to a Gothic, deep track where D.Craze speaks on what pains him in his life, solid song. Chino XL, Gorilla Voltage, Sticky Fingaz and Bizzy Bone all on track four titled “Pass the Mic” which is just a giant cypher. D kicks it off with a solid verse, Gorilla Voltage then picks up with his deep, assertive voice dropping good bars. Bizzy Bone brings the heat afterwards, keeping his flow as Chino XL comes in and bullies the track, Chino probably had the best verse but that’s due to XL being mad underrated. Sticky Fingaz concludes the track bringing that Onyx, raw rugged style for his verse which works, overall this is my favorite track currently. “Came Saw Conquered” is a motivational track where D spits bars on his quest to take over the scene while staying humble at the same time. I think this track would go hard when you’re working out. “Menace to Society” has a synth start at first, suddenly the beat picks up becoming higher in tune, a different tone so far as we Playboy The Beast (@playboythebeast) and Insane Loc drop really dope features. Really liked this track as well, just straight bars. At first I thought “I’m Ready” sampled the Cops intro but ss it developed D just straight spat bars about being ready for war, not fearing anything that could stand in his way, Nyx also is back on this track for more vocal work. “Raw”, need I say more? Featuring Havikk the track has a 2000’s production vibe as Havikk and D exchange bars about drugs, gangs, hustling, lots of straight gangsta rap. “Orgullo” spices up the album, D shows his Latin pride flexing his Spanish on the song, we also see a feature from C-L who provides background vocals along with the hook. “Orgullo” had a great vibe to it, really enjoyed the change of sound. “My Story” features Ms. Nita, D takes a deep dive into the shallow end of pool, telling about his dark childhood, struggle and growth through it all. Really liked the production as well, hard hitting beat that sounds good on a speaker.

“Screaming Inside” lyrically sees D focus on his inner demons as he brings a aggressive tone to the track, this has a metal-rap feel similar to “Say What You Mean.” Track 12 titled “Trouble” is true to the name, featuring Royce Da 5’9, both rappers bring that 90’s flow on this one with bars on why not to press them, their family or business. “March of the Imperial” sees Chino XL back on a track, Chino again murders his verse while the Destroyer follows afterwards with unchained bars that focus on the dark parts of war, politics and life. “Ain’t Playing” has a really funky beat, this reminded me of something from a EA Street game, lyrically the Destroyer spends the song telling you why he isn’t the one, fast flow with hard bars equal Mike Tyson level energy on this track. Track 15, “Let It All Die” builds up hype with a slow rising beat that turns into rock-rap like production, the lyrics are solid with a really dope hook to accompany it as well. “Eod” speaks on modern day terrorism, society and war all while spitting a sweet 16 over the nearly 3 minute track. “Like Picasso” is exactly that, the Destroyer spends time showing off his art through fast bars that have references to the likes of Rocky to historic events all while keeping his flow steady. “Send Them Home” is another one for a workout mix, fast, aggressive, I mean I can’t say much other then that I wanna pump iron when I hear this, also the production is dummy good on this one. “Blah Blah Blah” is our final Chino XL feature track and doesn’t disappoint, 90’s/00’s like beat where D actually ups XL on this track, faster flow with some great wordplay, both don’t disappoint but I gotta give D.Craze his props. The final track, “Unphasable” features Tone Fach (tonefach)and Marka on a more club-rap type track. This was a interesting conclusion, the verses from all artist are well done with some interesting production that left me in aw as I wasn’t ready for this track, solid overall.

Overall this LP stands in quality for being nearly 2 years old. I think the features were all done properly, with lots of surprises and above all great lyricism. Top 3 tracks for me our “Family Matters”, “Pass the Mic” and “Menace to Society.” I really love Raekwon so of course I am a sucker for his track, both him and D.Craze go off on this track. “Pass the Mic” reminded me of “The Anthem” by Sway and King Tech, bunch of legends/rising artist all on one track just hashing our bars, really enjoyed this song which also has a nice music video I discovered through writing this review. “Menace to Society” was a combination of hardcore/gangsta rap that for me really covered a love for both sounds, I think the guest features from Playboy The Beast and Insane Loc are great but D you were a beast. I wanna say thank you to D.Craze for reaching out to us for the write up, hopefully we get more up on the site from you but for now this is a start, so in conclusion go peep this album, my name is The Musical Hippie and these were my thoughts on “The Great Unknown” by D.Craze the Destroyer.

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