Back Up – Casey Cope (Exclusive Music Video)

San Leandro, CA based artist Casey Cope (caseycopesodope) released an brand new music video that we got the exclusives to titled “Back Up.” Produced by Cope and Big Soda (the_real_big_soda) the singles lyrical content focuses on Cope telling you to give him space, pushing away negativity so that he may breath in fresh air rather then the toxins produced by certain folk. The music video was directed by Sean Muniz (seanietsunami300), the direction as quoted from Cope; “The video should feel like the song… I want the viewer to not really know if I’m serious or not, I really love that grey area. I told my friends to just treat it like a basic ass rap video and pretend my car was a Lambo.” “Back Up” is the second single from Cope’s upcoming album “For Now” which he spoke about, stating The new album is really personal, so I needed to put out a few songs to just be stupid and have fun before I seem so damn serious. ‘Back Up’ actually does portray the theme of personal space that’s prevalent across the album though.” Show our brother love with a share along with a simple follow, one love.


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