Hug Your Brother – THRILLERS (Music Video)

Los Angeles based duo THRILLERS (@wearethrillers) released a music video for their single “Hug Your Brother” on April 17th, 2020. The alternative-pop brothers caught my attention out the gates with their visuals/appearance, they looked unique which will always draw me in because I like seeing creativity in music. Now you heard that right these two our brothers with a song all about love, anti-gang lyrics along with high pitched vocals of loving our brothers and sisters, spread your arms wide, put on a smile and hug that special person. I love the production which is funky, soul like, reminded me a lot of the 80’s R&B sound. Spread love with a follow or share, you can also check out their new album of the same name, “Hug Your Brother” on Spotify, left it linked under the video.


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