Love Sucks/15 (bonus) – Wackavelli (Music Video)

Wackavelli (@wackavelli) released a music video for his singles “Love Sucks/15 (bonus)” on March 30th, 2020. My man Wackavelli is apart of Productive Honey (@productivehoney) who are a group of young, creative and talented brothers who break obstacles through their wonderful ideas such as events, magazines, music, clothing and so much more. Now let’s dive into “Love Sucks” which lyrically involves being lost & confused about what “love” really is, do I love your or lust you type ish. Also love the intro which gave Oobi vibes, shoutout to the OG’s who know about Oobi. In Tyler, the Creator fashion after “Love Sucks” ends, “15” begins which is slower, more dramatic, only is a bonus but dope none the less. Show my man mega love along with Productive Honey which have new music as well, stay tuned for that.


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