Nothing Last For3v3r – R3x Wonders (Music Video)

Pasadena, CA artist R3x Wonders (@r3xwonders) released a visual journey titled “Nothing Last For3v3r” on February 26th, 2020. This is the description of the entire project from R3x’s words, “This piece was written and developed from a time and place where things were breeding a new life. The record plays with the concept of Nothing Lasts Forever. The double sided meaning of the statement. Realizing that the end to something is just the beginning of something else. Whether it be a job, cycle, or relationship. Nothing lasts forever… not even pain. Find peace within that.” Man I can’t front smoke and just vibe to this like I did because that’s the best way for it to make sense to you, dope track overall with smooth visuals, make sure to follow this brother if you liked the project.


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