Maximum Carnage – Hero x 16BitSpit (Review)

Roxbury, Boston based MC Hero (@herorapping) and fellow Boston producer 16BitSpit (@16bitspit) released a collaboration EP titled “Maximum Carnage” on January 10th, 2020. Let me say this, in no way, shape or form do I support murder but if I had to endorse it, this would be my candidate because Hero along with 16 and the features absolutely massacre the entirety of these 8 tracks, this is that CZARFACE meets the 90’s type music that had me moving like Jay-Z when he heard the beat for “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.” I mean we doing this review different just because this project is too good to be normal, like my god ya’ll these the brothers and sisters that I share on the site for a reason, we need to be supporting this shit man. But let me get my venting out the way as it is time to jot down these thoughts, this is “Maximum Carnage.”

“Sixteen” starts off our journey to another lyrically realm, a solo from Hero the song is very self explanatory. I mean Hero keeps to the name, dropping great references with a fast flow and delivery that reminds me a lot of Eminem’s but a tad bit more rugged, 16BitSpit drops a sick sample of Nate Dogg and Eminem in this track with a funky, high energy beat. Dope track, this is what drew me in like a kid to a candy shop. “Check the Recipe” sees a guest feature from Evan Ryder (@evan_ryder_)and Philly G (@phillygmusic). No surprise Hero murders but Evan and Philly had bars, lets start with Evan who carried the song after Hero with a great pickup, lyrically along with his flow this brother kept me bobbing. Philly G brought a Method Man vibe from his raspy voice while also having a similar sounding flow, brother none the less killed his verse as well. Track 3 titled “Symphony of the Mic” had a “Liquid Swords” production behind it with high chords and drums, lyrically my man Hero had me moving retarded with how many bars he packed into the track, really dope track. “R.B.A.Y” features Libsey (@fuck_libsey), X-el (@officialxel) and Lucid $tubbs (@dolphinnextdoor) who come together on what reminds me of a mafioso like East Coast track. The first verse is of Libsey who also has a raspy voice and nails his bar on being an East Coast killer cause homie brings out the heat on his spot, dropping clever bars for Hero to enter on, bringing references by the second. X-el enters and helped keep up flame alive for $tubbs to finish like he was making love to the track.

Yung Steen (@yungsteenofficial) and Greyhound (@itsthegreyhound) are the features for “Bars Over Bars.” Steen starts of the track with some solid lines, didn’t feel his voice matched the aggressive beat but he was solid, just not the track I would’ve had his vibe on, Greyhound however brings more aggression which I liked because 16 put the mood in check with his intro sample of “Till I Collapse” by Eminem. Hero is the cherry with his verse at the end, more dope lines for a solid song. “Look, Listen” is a more story driven track where Hero tells tales of his past to inspire you to only settle for the best while giving us a better connection to what he has seen/been through. “Hands” features Woodson, J-Faith (@j_faithofficial) and Jae-Q (@jaeq38) on our second to last track. The track is slower, this would have been where I placed Yung Steen and swapped J-Faith but first let’s talk about Jae-Q who does a great job lyrically, I like his voice a lot on the beat, stands out. J-Faith is also lyrically great, with a deeper voice but his flow would have matched the aggression I wanted on “Bars Over Bars.” Solid song overall, definitely liked the setup. We wrap this warm chowder with “Credits”, the final solo song of Hero who absolutely goes off on this wicked rock-rap beat. Bostons finest brew, that’s all, literally just listen to this track.

Man if I did number ratings this would broke a record, but since I don’t believe in numeric scores I am gonna give this a must listen recommendation. Hero you did it right, 16BitSpit you did it right, Evan Ryder, Philly G, Libsey, Yung Steen, X-el, Lucid $tubbs, Greyhound, J-Faith, Woodson, Jae-Q, each of you brought different talents together each respectively and for that I have to say you all did it right. My favorite tracks would be “Sixteen” along with “Check the Recipe” and “Credits.” All three of these tracks had amazing production along with some of the best lyricism I’ve heard all year, you need to just plug your headphones in, smoke and chill brodie. Please follow these talented artist, all their Instagram’s are located next to their names from when they appear, but I am The Musical Hippie and these were my thoughts on “Maximum Carnage” by Hero and 16BitSpit.

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