The Color of Love – PartyONE (Review)

Rising Bakersfield king PartyONE (@gehrigryan) released his debut EP “The Color of Love” on Feburary 27th, 2020. While we may be late the party is still on because this is some of the best club/pop music you could find in Southern California, PartyONE has been on a roll and this EP continues that energy. Without spoiling much, just take a listen as you read my take on each track, but let me cut to the point, these are my thoughts on “The Color of Love” by PartyONE.

We start with “Violate” which was the first single that was released for the EP. featuring Tribute Money (@unqualifiedhotperson), this single which we covered when it released was a experimental pop/club journey with hot, heavy romance in the lyrics, this is some party music right here. “Dime” which was also released as a single features Field Mouse (@fieldmouse_) on a more Spanish, club mix track that will have you moving your hips to the beats hypnotic production. “Ten” is the first of two solo tracks on the EP where PartyONE is taking his sweet time to explain the apple of his eye and why she is a perfect 10. The production follows the same club/pop mix and I really liked PartyONE’s vocals on this, the autotune was well done. We conclude with “Thorns”, this starts a lot differently from the three previous tracks, a more synthetic, pop track where I feel PartyONE is expressing the pain of being a hopeless romantic, simping over a girl he wants but seems unable to get. I really dug this track, it had a way different sound and overall vibe which made it all the better to conclude on, something different to leave you wanting more.

Overall this is a dope four track EP from the 661 artist who provided a lot of great music for us before. Clocking in at 13 minutes, 15 seconds I highly recommend you take the time to listen to this EP, it won’t take you long but you’ll have it on loop way past 13 minutes. Personal favorite for me has to be “Thorns”, as I stated I really enjoyed the difference in direction and tone with this song, had me wanting more afterwards. If you listened an enjoyed the EP make sure to give a follow to all the artist involved, share the EP to your friends, family or pets and above all spread some love. I am The Musical Hippie and these were my thoughts on “The Color of Love” by PartyONE.


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