PlayStation Spring Sale: Pick Up Suggestions

With the start of April PlayStation has released its annual Spring sale onto the millions of gamers stuck at home due to COVID-19. Now if you’re like me you’ve found yourself with newly acquired free time which leads to a lot of digital markets having a booming success at this moment in time. Video games have been a past time for me ever since I was 4, as I grown up I have also come to appreciate my hard earned dollar so much so that I refuse to pay $60 for a game unless I feel I will get that value out of it. Case in point, I bought God of War when it first released in 2018 and have yet to even get past the first 2 hours, my fault was that I bought into something I do not normally play which is RPG’s. That was the final game I ever paid a full $60 price tag for, I have now waited for these blockbuster sales so I wanna give you some of my suggestions for what I have picked up or would pick up during the sale which runs till the 28th, apparently there will also be additional games added the 15th of April so we may have to do a part two but for now these our my recommendations.


I can honestly say I actually spent $10 before this sale about two years ago for MONOPOLY PLUS and have gotten my moneys worth out of it. With all the homies on lock-down Monopoly is a great time killer, I’ve spent hours having my buddies run my pockets. It is worth the $4.49 price tag for the amount of fun you can have, my only issue is be aware the game does crash so like flipping the board you may wanna drink or smoke to calm your nerves beforehand.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection ($14.99)

While Borderlands 3 is also on sale ($29.99) I feel that Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is a way better investment. I purchased the super deluxe version of Borderlands 3 for around $50 or $60 bucks which if that version was included I’d suggest it being that the game’s DLC is coming out but frankly I haven’t picked the game up since I met Maya. Now Borderlands: The Handsome Collection gives you access to Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel, all their DLC and billions of weapons. Borderlands 2 alone is worth the price, that is easily one of the greatest games ever made and though many dislike The Pre-Sequel I found entertainment in it, but again two whole games with way over 40 hours of gameplay all for $14.99 is worth it, this is a must.

The Warriors ($8.99)

In all honesty I would recommend any Rockstar remastered game of the PS2 era but to pick just one I am gonna go with The Warriors. I am a huge fan of the 1979 movie and grew up playing this game, so to my delight I purchased the game for $10.99 last year but have played it on and off, mainly to trophy hunt now as I have played the main campaign twice. Well worth $8.99 but I recommend any Rockstar remaster.

LEGO Harry Potter Collection ($5.99)

I’m the guy who shall argue LEGO games are top 3 greatest series ever when it comes to video games which is why I recommend LEGO Harry Potter Collection. I am currently replaying this as my save files corrupted so I may platinum it but this is defiantly a mellow, fun experiuence through all the Harry Potter films. I’d also recommend LEGO Jurassic World which is also $5.99, both great games full of entertainment.

Watch Dogs 2 – Gold Edition ($22.49)

Watch Dogs 2 was easily a game of the year contender for me back in 2016 with its great rendition of San Francisco and wonderful main protagonist, Marcus Holloway. The problems I had with the original Watch Dogs all disappear with their second entry into the series, from the colorful environments to characters that I actually cared about, you can find yourself lost in this game, especially with the additional story DLC given, I loved this game so much I got all trophies in the game, this is a must for the price it’s at.

L.A. Noire ($19.99)

The story of Cole Phelps in the 1940’s is that of a tragic one, Rockstar has always been great at storytelling but I feel this is a underrated masterpiece when it comes to the misdirection and narrative that their are accustom too. Again I have 100% completed this game, though the grind is annoying for the trophies this is still a great story based game, gameplay wise you will spend hours as detective Cole Phelps working your way up in the LAPD during the 40’s, there are some dated mechanics but honestly the game is wonderful, from the Noire soundtrack to cruising around with one of your many partners, this is a must for the gamer looking for a complex tale.

NBA 2K20 Legends Edition ($32.99)

Normally I hate sports games that aren’t from the PS2 era due to the abuse of micro-transactions in gaming but NBA 2K20 has indeed improved upon that issue. Now I mainly play MyTeam which is a mode in which you collect cards of players and build your best team to play offline/online, this is where those micro-transaction come into play but this year 2K has made it easier to hang with those who buy VC (Virtual Currency). I’ve only spent an additional $50 on VC but have gotten 3 galaxy opal cards which our the best of the best, before I even bought any VC I still had a great team full of pink diamond cards which are second best compared to opal and all I did was grind. I’ve probably put at least 100 plus hours into the game and with all the extras you get you’ll have no problem joining into the toxic community that is NBA 2K.

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition ($14.99)

If you have’t purchased GTA V then you gotta wake up, easily a must I have owned this game two separate times and spent hours alone installing it to spend 4 years of great memories within Los Santos. A fantastic story with hours of fun to have on a once broken multiplayer, for $14.99 you must be Stevie Wonder to not see this deal is worth it.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Legacy ($17.49)

The final game I’d like to speak about is NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Legacy which features all 4 of the Ultimate Ninja STORM games along with the ROAD TO BORUTO DLC. I’ve played all of the storm games and enjoyed them each for their flaws and strengths, the 4th game easily being the best as far as rooster is concerned but overall this is a great way to relive the entire Naruto Shippuden story from the original series to the beginnings of Boruto.

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