CLIPS – BRAUN X Kimaurii x Dkellz

Bakersfield based artist BRAUN (@braunmakesmusic) teamed up with Kimaurii (@kimauriidante) and Dkellz (@bydkellz) to release his latest single “CLIPS” on April 3rd, 2020. Produced by Chambers (@chambersmixedit) the track sees all three artist dropping bars that run along the themes of not fucking with fake people but overall this is to me a trap like track with lyrical focus, I think each artist does a good job with their flows, delivery and uniqueness. If you enjoyed this track follow these brothers to help their following, also share the track on SoundCloud.

1 thought on “CLIPS – BRAUN X Kimaurii x Dkellz

  1. Cool song. Have you dove any deeper into some of Kimaurii’s other tracks/features? He’s extremely talented. Check these out:

    Giannis (feat. Kimaurii) by Picasso Madonna
    Separation Anxiety by Kimaurii
    Sub-Zero (feat. Joe Maynor) by Kimaurii

    I’d love to read a more in-depth review that focuses on his work. He’s definitely going to blow up.


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