PLAID – Belafonte (Review)

The brother Jacob Lostica (@jtlostica) hit me in my emails a while back to recommend a producer he manages named Belafonte (@belafonte97) from Hayward, California newest beat tape titled “PLAID.” Now to be on the dot, this is a concept beat tape so it has a lot of experimental elements in it, so for those with a closed mind you may wanna put it in reverse and take your behind out of the article. Now I have listened to this tape on loop a few times and I can’t front it’s some funky shit, but lets get to the review before I spoil your dinner, this is “PLAID” by Belafonte.

We start with a 36 second track titled “INTRO” that has piano mixed with a lively environment as the sound, it sorta gives me “Bastard” vibes from Tyler, the Creator. This intro then segue into our first song, “CONCERN” which was chill, I dug the nature vibe I was hearing, tropical rainforest, crickets chirping, I think this track could defiantly help when you need something soothing while you sleep. “DUST” starts with some guitar strings and chopped vocals that lead into a more Lil Peep, emo rap grunge sound, I really dug this mix, it had a lot of variety that normally could ruin the song as deeming it with too much noise but it all blends well. We then cut into “INTERLUDE” which only last for a minute but checks in on you like your homie when you to drunk to walk, it was funky, exotic like Joey and helped breath the tape out. “FEELYN” had pipes and a very floating feel to it, it had another different sound to it with the usage of flutes and soft snares, dug this one like a mole. “ICY” was cold ya’ll, I know the puns is old but this sound is fresh, this had soul blended with rap elements and easily was one of the best, if not the best track from the tape. We conclude with “OUTRO” which has a ghostly echo for vocals and some RZA like production, really nice way to end this solid work.

Overall I gotta say this was a good beats tape, really liked the experimental sounds in it. I think Belafonte should expand more on these sorta sounds, maybe a follow up tape even. My favorite tracks would be “ICY” and “FEELYN.” “ICY” had a really dope sound to it, I just enjoyed the vibe it gave off, same with “FEELYN” which I enjoyed due to the flutes man. If ya’ll can take a moment, please listen to the tape, share it if you enjoy it and make sure to follow Belafonte, @belafonte97 for more. I am The Musical Hippie and these were my thoughts on “PLAID” by Belafonte.


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