my nack/POETIC – Melnickson x Preacha Prodigy (Singles)

My brother from the Bay Melnickson (@melnickson_) released two brand new singles on April 5th, 2020. These are the first singles since January from the young artist and I am not at all disappointed with what he dropped, we’re gonna take this track by track so hand me a ticket for this train ride no face cause we about to get our spirits away from here and into the musical world.

“my nack” is a solo single from Mel where he confesses what his thoughts have been for the past few months while also dropping some really dope bars. To quote a bar, “but hip-hop is allusive, a get rich quick scheme this shit is just an illusion;” that line stuck out a lot to me because it really is true, hip-hop and rap has become a get rick quick industry, artist fighting to be the next Billboard 200, what happened to just making music to have fun which is Mel’s point for the song.

Another Bay native, Preacha Prodigy (@preacha__prodigy) joins Mel for “POETIC” which has a slower, methodical tone to it. I really enjoyed the production on this bad boy, Mel joins in towards the tracks conclusion with some solid bars, the whole jest of the track is poetry based bars which I really enjoyed from both these brothers, especially the switch up at the end which hyped me up and had me grooving in my office chair like Jim when he ranks Dwight. Overall, loved this surprise drop from my man that you only knew about if you followed his stories so to not miss out ever again follow him and Prodigy on Instagram, accounts tagged in the articles.

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