Album Anniversaries on March 31st (Musical Hippie History)

3 classics celebrate their release anniversaries on March 31st. The first we shall cover is “Totally Krossed Out” by Kris Kross which released 28 years ago (1992). Produced by Jermaine Dupri, this saw the debut of the young duo who are most famous for their single “Jump” off of this album. To this day the album has sold 4 million copies and is still some great music, RIP to Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly.

10 years ago (2010) Earl Sweatshirt released his independent mixtape “Earl.” Produced by Left Brain, Tyler, the Creator and BeatBoy this mixtape saw the lyrically ability of Earl at its rawest. There was a re-release in 2015 which included 19 new tracks that Earl recorded under his alias Sly Tendencies but this was and still is one of his finest works.

Finally, 22 years ago (1998) Gang Starr released their fifth studio album “Moment of Truth” on No Trybe/Virgin Records. Self-produced, Guru and Premier were raw as fuck on this one, this is my favorite Gang Starr album and has some of the most truthful lyrics ever spat by Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal ever.


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