A Celebration of Life on March 31st (Musical Hippie History)

1 spirit was lost while 2 enjoy another year on Earth on March 31st, 2020. Let’s start positive with a happy 35th birthday (3/31/1985) to LA’s own Jay Rock. A Bounty Hunter Bloods member turned rapper, Jay Rock was the first to sign to Top Dawg Entertainment back in 2005 and later would work with the most pro-dominate member of the label, Kendrick Lamar when he signed in 2007. Rock is that brother with many dope verses as a guest, as a solo artist I never listened to his music as heavy but have always found his voice and flow unique.

At around 3:19 PM on March 31st, 2019 Nipsey Hu$$le was shot 10 times in front of his business, Marathon Clothing, he passed away on the scene, age 33. The Crenshaw native was more then just a street rapper, he was a community leader that we may never see again, he was more then music and for that we say rest in piece king.

Happy 42nd birthday (3/31/1978) to Queens native Tony Yayo. A founding member of G-Unit, Tony Yayo has had a up and down career in rap, his highs being when we was with G-Unit and lows being his legal issues. Yayo was never my favorite but had a banger or too that still get in the rotation.


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