Pancakes – Shekudeen (Music Video)

Sierra Leone born rapper Shekudeen (@_shekudeen) released a music video for his single “Pancakes” on January 31st, 2020. Now let me start this offer proper, I am gonna cover my mans latest single “Free” but because I have smoked and had many great memories in a IHOP I don’t feel right in not cover this since I first found this brother for this song. So by the title you’ve come to realize that this track mainly focuses on pancakes, those fluffy delights we enjoy morning to dawn, yet the term is also double-sided in this track where Shekudeen uses it to both speak figurative and metaphorically, the pancake meaning his money or weight he is pushing right now while at the same time pancakes being a food we enjoy, so joy and happiness in your work. Now this could be the Indica talking but I think this simple track is worth that much thought, so think of that when you listen, if you enjoy show my brother love with a follow and share.

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