Color Us – LB199X (Review)

Washington, DC artist LB199X (@lb199x) released his first EP “Color Us” on December 6th, 2019. Now this brother has some real lyrical skill along with the conscious tip, I have listened to this EP on and off since January and everytime I come back it’s as if I never feel bored, this album does so much in only 5 tracks that some rappers can’t do in 14, he kept it fresh. The album tackles subjects of racism, poverty, in general the struggle and oppression of the government while also holding down the African American community in ways, hence the EPs title. Now this EP reminds me a lot of Joey Bada$$’s “ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$” with the flow, delivery and lyrically content, not to mention this funky, soul styled production. But lets cut the cake, this is “Color Us” by LB199X.

The EP opens up with “To Live & Die in Amerikkka” which sets the tone real quick, LB raps about the struggle of being an African American with a crumbling community that relies on the drugs and grimy shit to keep the government cycle going. He uses the second verse to talk about how America takes away important figures in the community when they start causing to many knots in the “mans” chain, undoing the chain but kill those leaders and hence forth keeping the cycle alive. Deep track, really enjoyed it lyrically and this string, almost Tarantino style chords used for the track are wonderful. “Crab$ In a Bucket” features Jasi (@jasilyric) on the hook as a drum, snare and chords introduce use to yet another well done track. The crab represents the minatory, the little guy and bucket being the system they are oppressed by, now this can resonate in many forms for a lot of people which is wonderful because I feel music with meaning is a dying art in ways, so I appreciate tracks like this where I can sit back and visually see the message while also relating to it myself. Track 3 titled “Jaded” has Jasi back along with Ayaana Nash (@ayaananash) to take a more funky, soulful track that focuses more on vocals then anything. The idea of “Jaded” is feeling fatigue from overworking, in the track it seems to look onto a drug dealers hustle where we get an idea of the story behind some of those hooded faces who fight to enjoy a piece of the American Dream pie. Dope track overall, really enjoyed the break up from the first too, lyrically that second verse plays similar themes from the overall EP but I enjoyed it none the less. “Rise Above It” is a inspiration track for the brother down in life, out of luck just needing to get through the week. I liked this one a lot as well, the fact is we’ve all had a long day, week, month hell even year which is the point of the track, to acknowledge it but at the same time to rise above it all and fight for a brighter tomorrow. “Sorry” concludes our journey in a very poetic way, Ayaana Nash makes a return as LB raps about winning and losing in life, breaking his chains of society to power through the oppressive system in place while speaking on the dark side of the media and government, a great conclusion to a great EP.

Overall this is a great EP, from the production straight down to the lyrically content this EP has a lot of strength in it. My favorite track is a hard one for me, I really enjoyed all of these 5 songs, but I am gonna go with “Sorry.” I think this song is a great summary of everything each song alone represents. This is a must listen in my opinion so please give it a listen, show some love to the man LB199X and above all share this please.

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