Currently Untitled – Gatsby (Review)

I stumbled onto this artist through the words of a friend. He gave me a name, Gatsby (@jaayy_gatsby), and a small taste of what I was getting myself into. Around the time I found Gatsby he had a song I really liked called “Convict Convo” also he was dropping this project called Currently Untitled, released on February 7, 2020, its 10 tracks comes with a chill jazz type melody along with a hip hop beat that draws you in and still allows you to really zero in on what he is saying. This is a true artist who can make a catchy hook and write meaningful bars along with it. He proves his versatility on his songs “Gatsby” and “Chose” where he shows he can go in on a beat with no chorus, then songs like “Cindereefa” and “Californication” where he just haves fun with his craft, then the song right after “Californication” on the album is “I Like Flowers” (my personal favorite) where he slows it down and makes you really feel and think about how good things can be through our darkest times. I really think this is someone we all could be hearing on the radio one day because his music tells stories and paints pictures. His beats are relaxing, the tone of his voice calming, and hes got songs that are a pure vibe and he does this while still being able to talk about the struggles and hardships of everyday life. Lets get right into this beautiful album, here is Currently Untitled, by Gatsby.

The “Intro” starts off with a message of someone showing their support, then he hits off drawing a picture and telling the story for the listener. He goes in talking about racial oppression, how young teens are becoming parents, and all the problems that holds people from reaching their true potential, in my opinion beautiful entrance to a true master piece. Then he shows off his ability to truly spit on the next track “Gatsby” where you can really tell he was having fun with this one and just enjoying his craft. Where I also think this song got its titled from is him explaining the different ways he really could’ve came up in this light but chose this path to pursue music. You could say this was probably my second favorite song on the album because he just tells so much truth in the song that really relates to what our world revolves around, MAKING MONEY. He slows it down with a bit of a softer track called “Superhero” talking about his struggles with acceptance but also reminding himself that he does have a purpose in the first part of the track, then goes into the racial oppression that his people have faced. This track to me makes me think while we don’t have actual super powers in this world we still have the power of our voice and actions, it’s not hard to treat someone with some common decency and respect and that’s what I think the main idea of “Superhero” was. Now the next track is just a pure vibe, calming with a happy melody and beat along with his ability to show off his vocals on “Cindereefa.” “Cindereefa” would be one of those songs I’ll have in my smoke sesh playlist or if I’m just with a beautiful lady, its one of those vibes on this track. Not to mentions its one of the only songs on his album with a feature, her name is Kiane Monet and her part was just soothing, almost like when you hear Jhene Aiko or Kehlani on a song. The fifth track on the album is “Californication” really shows that Gatsby can just get on a track and just have some fun with his gift. Its one of those songs I can hear during the summer at the beach while everyone just getting hyped and bopping out too, dancing and having fun partying on the beach.

“I Like Flowers” is honestly one of my favorites on the album, he starts off in such a calm tone, and he talks about issues, he makes you truly think about some of the topics he raps about. For the first part his song he attacks issues like depression, Flint water, and briefly shares his thoughts on our president. His hook on the song is cool and relaxing. Then he goes into the reality of the people we associate ourselves with, that everybody that’s with you doesn’t always want the best for you, and to go along with all this the melody on the track makes you feel like your just driving in the sun all your windows down and the roof open making you think of the better days in your life. “Mojo” is a banger! This is one of those I can hear on the radio, its got a head banging jazzy beat, catchy chorus, and backed up by two great verses that just make you feel good. On his next song “Chose” he goes in showing off his lyrical skills on a soft melody and proves that he can really do this and he gives you a little taste of his vocal skills towards the end of the song. Now its time to “Reminisce,” which is the title of his 9th song on the album, he tells a story in the song, I don’t know if its about himself, but its a relatable story he tells. I wanted to add that one of my favorite bars is on this song he says, “I got a bitch in Santa Cruz she ride my wave every week, I call her sandy and its handy cause she really got cheeks.” I just really found that bar hilarious and just a cool little shout out to Spongebob, a classic memory to everyone’s childhood leading me to “Reminisce.” Time to “Close Curtains,” which is the very last track on this album, he ends this album just how he started; fucking STRONG. He ends it with this track talking about lessons that has got him to where he is now, and talks about just always realizing that you will always have supporters and haters build with what you got and ignore the irrelevance.

I truly would not be surprised to see or hear this man on the radio and award shows in the future, I personally believe in this guys talents and if you go way back to “Into” the message in the very beginning explains perfectly what I think of this guys talents. This album to me was a true masterpiece of artwork, not just music but he paints pictures with his words on this album, stuff you don’t hear in today’s rap anymore. Its good music, pure vibes, and it’s like you’re walking through an art gallery listening to this. If you were to ask me my top 3 songs on this album they would have to be “I Like Flowers,” “Gatsby,” and “Mojo,” because those three songs really make me think about the title of the album Currently Untitled, which it kind of relays a message back to everyone. Aren’t we all Currently Untitled trying to find our way and purpose, walking around without a fulfilling title working towards a true title. Anyway, I really thought this was just a 10/10 album and would recommend it to everyone if you just want someone new to listen to during this quarantine. Thank you for reading my thoughts and break down of Currently Untitled by Gatsby. Listen on all streaming platforms as well as on YouTube.


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