Paint – Casey Cope (Music Video)

San Leandro, California based artist Casey Cope (@caseycopesodope) released a music video for his single “Paint” on March 5th, 2020. Cope collaborated with Big Soda (@the_real_big_soda) on this pop-synthetic track plays on popular topics seen in most modern day rap songs but Casey presents them in a goofy, playful demeanor. A quote which Casey Cope provided about the tracks creative process, “When I was making the beat I was trying to evoke a feeling somewhere between the dark and gritty piano on Look Alive by Blocboy JB and the pop-your-collar, swag rap piano on Ego Remix by Beyonce and Kanye. I wanted the lyrics to be both fly but also kind of dumb, I like people not knowing exactly if I’m being serious or not.” Now this was a submitted track so that always helps in giving more insight on what I am viewing, while I really enjoyed the single a impressive feat is that he only spent $25 on the videos production and shot it all on a iPhone. I think this is a good track overall, short and simple while getting you to groove in motion with the piano used for the beat and again the hilarious visuals help add more charm to it, so if you dig it show love with a follow and share.

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