Bronson Alcott High Vintage: Open Hearts, Open Mics Recap

It’s always a party when you’re at 304 Chester Ave, Bronson Alcott High Vintage (@_balcotthighvintage). My second event with these lovely people hosted by our brother PartyONE (@gehrigryan) with many new faces to meet, I was overwhelmed yet thrilled at the thought of meeting some more amazing people. So I got my best sky blue Kansas City Royals jersey one, snapped my Chance the Rapper 3 cap to match my all white Air Force 1’s as I got ready to spread love on Valentines Day. Gotta also give a quick shoutout to BER (@berngonzales182), Cam Kron (@cam.kron), Vcid High (@vcidhigh), Nia (@niaflower1), Que (@que_pop) and Reglur Shorts (@reglur_chan) who performed at the event and have a spot in the video.

Mo Spice

I first found company with Molly King (@mospice_thrift) while lighting up with a quick smoke. I was checking out some of their racks full of thrift clothing, I then proceeded to find a size large, 2007 Tim Duncan All Star jersey in great condition with a even better price of $20.


Next to Mo Spice was artist/musician Naomi (@itsnaomibb) with her awesome artwork. When I asked her how long see had been drawing art professionally she said 7-8 months. The style she said she goes for a stoner/psychedelic style.

Absolute. Kaos

I linked up with my man Fernando of Absolute Kaos (@absolute.kaos). These brothers brought all their latest out for the event, as always friendly and still pushing merch around Bakersfield.

MNIFST Clothing

Next to Absolute Kaos was MNIFST Clothing (@mnifst_clothing), ran by Isaac, Denice and Juan these guys are all about manifesting your dreams and bringing a positive image to Bakersfield. The shirt on the left-handed side resembles many key components to Bakersfield such as the oil and fields.

Miss Modern Day Hippy

I then met the very lovely Miss Modern Day Hippy (@missmoderndayhippy) next. She told me that she likes to include a light of female empowerment in her artwork and uses life as her inspiration.

7 Rays

Ran by Andrea, this thrift and modify company got its start with some hand me downs that later lead Andrea to have her mom take her to thrift stores. Here variety of items range from custom bandanna shirts to the dope Panic! At the Disco painted denim jacket.


I then met brothers EJ and JR who run 2225 (@twentytwotwentyfive), a fashionable reuse and recycle vintage flannel and button ups business, these brothers had a lot of dope pieces along with being very friendly.

Be Vivacious

I was introduced to Brianna (@b.vivaciousthrift) who thrifts and sells sustainable fashion. She is originally from the Bay and now is here in Bakersfield. She was full of life and had some beautiful pieces and is working towards modifying some clothing soon.


Next to B Vivacious was CACT EYE (@cacteyeplants) ran by Ally. These cats go for a hippie, groovy vibe and sell many things such as pins, crystals, tarot cards and so much more vibrant, colorful wears.

Neon Dreamz Co

Next door was the homies at Neon Dreamz Co ( with some new releases. The unrolled two exclusive kids crew necks out for the event, one a sky blue with white and yellow blend, the other a black shirt with acid green and neon pink popping out.


I met my man Nick (@graphnicusa) after catching some heat from Nelson (@spexialdeluxe) who was side vending with this brother. He had this new design for his brand but also informed me he does graphic designing and music, he was very down to Earth and humble to speak with.


On my exit of the event I came across Deja Nunez (@dejadeja) and her fantastically gory artwork. Now the third picture had what I felt was the most unique work, three woman painted differently on wood and I had no clue she did these on wood until asking, she also had some 80’s horror, original and modern show mashups in many different styles, she also informed me she goes for a messy yet aesthetically pleasing look to her work.

Final Thoughts

The love was real y’all, there was so many friendly faces and good vibes that helped make my second event here a great one. I wanna give a huge shoutout to Drake (@barry.lirrd) who helped upsell me a lot of my sports pick ups from the event and a huge shoutout to Lani (@thelani_marshall) for her inviting attitude and wonderful atmosphere look forward to the next event and my next trip to Bronson Alcott High Vintage.


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