Open Eyes – Ty Laio (Review)

Southern California based artist Ty Laio (@ty.laio) released his EP “Open Eyes” on February 4th, 2020. Ty hit me up on Instagram to request we check out and review his EP on the site and as requested I’ma break down my thoughts on the 16 year old artist project. Now I won’t lie, I am not a huge fan of young artist, R. Kelly may think age is only a number but for me I have just never been able to really connect to a artist who is super young, I enjoy my Kris Kross and Da Youngsta’s but have never been a fan of younger acts so bare that in mind while reading this and maybe you’ll see a change of heart bigger then the Grinch. So lets cut to the point, this is “Open Eyes” by Ty Laio.

“Where Do I Start?” is the intro track to this six song EP. The song seems to be about self reflecting on his life, grind and where he is trying to go with himself. Solid song, I liked the production while the flow and delivery was also good. “Two Steps Forward” is a pop-rap fused song that I feel is about moving forward, taking the first step to getting better and your second to keep going without looking back on it. I think production, flow and the lyrics were well done overall on this track. “This Is My Life” has a Geto Boys type vibe to the production but sadly loses my interest because of the flow used on the track. I think lyrically it is okay but Ty’s delivery doesn’t flow smoothly so it comes off as rough, for me I just couldn’t vibe lyrically but I did enjoy the beat used. “Stars” is more trap like in production with Laio. Lyrically I think this is about people that Ty looked up to and the role they played while discussing their life choices. “Different” seems to about people changing, switching up from when Laio needed them and now them trying to leech back into his life. Solid track overall, really liked production again on this one. The final track titled “In You” has a sadder tone to it, with Laio speaking more from the heart about what he is hurt him. The flow at times was off but overall a solid closer to the EP.

Overall I think this is a solid EP from the young Southern California native, with a good mixture of lyrics and production I was pleasantly surprised by this EP. I think the biggest issue for me was his inconstant flow on “This Is My Life” and “In You”, which is almost half of the EP so that would be my focus as a artist next. My favorite track would be “Two Steps Forward”, I really enjoyed the concept and execution on this one so hats off for that. But these are just my thoughts, give this EP a listen and if you enjoyed it give Ty Laio a follow on Instagram, @ty.laio for more, but I am The Musical Hippie and these were my thoughts on “Open Eyes” by Ty Laio.

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