Mr Buddah – Mr Black Coffin (Review)

Sacramento based artist Mr Buddah (@vmrblackcoffin) released his EP titled “Mr Buddah” on January 16th, 2020. Now I have been speaking to this brother for a minute and have to commend his hustle and grind, he is making music like Lil Wayne or E-40, constantly recording and releasing work which to many may be bad but I love that he is pushing out music to grow. Mr Black Coffin released “Mr Buddah” which isn’t very long but made a lasting impression, so much so that I don’t wanna waste time so lets dive in, these are my thoughts on “Mr Buddah” by Mr Black Coffin.

The self-titled track “Mr Buddah” starts off the EP, as described by Coffin the song seems demonic and twisted thanks to his voice and production, I think this is talking about a dark entity hiding away who shows himself selectively. “E-G-O” talks about peoples ego and how it controls them while making your views on them lesser and lesser by every encounter. “DAMN” which at first made me think about Kendrick Lamar’s album has Coffin talking about moments that leave you pulling your best Ron Simmons impression afterwards. “Maybe I’m Dreaming 2” leaves you wondering what is real as you try to make things right in your life, I really liked the production on this track. “Mr Paranoia” is very self-explanatory, talking about the mind of a paranoid man who keeps going through a loop that drives him to insanity with his own self. “Lets Both Be Sad” was really dope, I liked the East Coast 90’s vibe the beat gave me while my man Black Coffin raps about sadness and having someone to go through it with. “Feeling Of The Tide Done” acts like a suicide note, talking about crashing from the mental battles that leave you scared and only wanting peace, really dope song. “The Palace Done” seems to wrap up “Feeling Of The Tide Done” as the person battling with themselves took their life and we see the aftermath from a outside perspective. “One Day I Might Show You” concludes the EP, Coffin pours emotion into this as he fesses his case of how he will prove haters wrong by reaching his level of success set by himself and wont stop till he gets there.

Overall “Mr Buddah” is a very well produced and written EP. I think the jazzy, chopped and screwed style production mixed with a flow that is to its own design work well. A big standout as well is Mr Black Coffin’s voice which is very different from the regular. My favorite tracks are “Mr Buddah”, “Lets Both Be Sad” and “Mr Paranoia.” “Mr Buddah” just straight slaps, I liked the beat and raspy voice of Coffin on this track. “Mr Paranoia” has a relatable topic to me and again I like the uniqueness Coffin brings with his flow and delivery. Now this track, “Let’s Both Be Sad” sold me as a fan, I loved tat 90’s East Coast beat along with the flow, this was the standout track for me. But these are my overall thoughts on “Mr Buddah” by Mr Black Coffin, if you enjoyed the EP make sure to show love by following his Instagram, @mrblackcoffin for more dope music.

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