Slushing with Boston’s Slush Bruh (Interview)

Boston’s own Slush Bruh (@slushbruh) sat down with me back in December to do a over the phone interview about himself with us. I got very sidetracked with life and forgot all about it since I have been balancing my happiness with getting my spirits leveled, but I now have all the tie to write about my interesting encounter with Slush Bruh, so let us begin.

Anthony – Good morning my man, so tell me what is your name?

Slush Bruh – Hello, I am Slush Bruh.

Anthony – So Slush Bruh let me ask you straight up, what is the origin of the name Slush Bruh?

Slush Bruh – It’s funny yo, it was my ex’s birthday in January and we were talking about how the winter hadn’t been too bad. I said I couldn’t even make a snowman because of how little snow we had. They kept turning out more like slush guys, I thought that sounded funny as fuck. So I held onto the slush guy as a name for a bit but I eventually felt like bruh fit much better behind slush than guy, thus Slush Bruh.

Anthony – Haha dope, so with your name you also have a very Rick Sanchez like catchphrase where I see you use slush and slushing a lot. Would you ever try to do a collaboration with ICEE or any slushie company to bring us some sorta merch?

Slush Bruh – Love that question, I actually stumbled on a company called Slush Cult this summer who makes shit that’s right up my ally yo. If there were ever a collab I’d go to them first.

Anthony – That’s dope, slush on slush lol. Now the look, one of the biggest drawing points to when I saw you on Instagram was your image, tell me about the mask my man.

Slush Bruh – Slush on slush baby, the mask is for the people. I wear it so that when bruhs listen to my music they don’t put a face to it. Slush, as an entity lives in us all, deep down we’re all weird as shit, horny as hell and like to turn up. Slush is that impulsive side to you that you can’t help but feel sometimes but are afraid to show out. Put a mask to it, slush could be anyone.

Anthony – I like that, it’s like the anit-superhero of music. So tell me about the whole red hair on the mask, did it come like that or did you add that on? If so why.

Slush Bruh – Well I knew I wanted to wear a mask but I also wanted slush to resemble an entity similar to that of a person. Hair does a good job at that. The initial plan was to cut the top off a ski mask and let my hair flow through it but after getting the ski mask I kinda just found this hair lying around my house, put it on temporarily while I thought of how to cut the top off the mask but it looked insane so I kept it, now it’s sewn on.

Anthony – Haha that’s dope. The look definitely is unique and matches the music which is where I wanna segway, tell me my man about your music is all about.

Slush Bruh – Well all music are based on true stories from my life, I’d say 85-90% of my lyrics are true accounts of shit I did or things that happened to me or desires I have. That’s why I don’t think I’ll ever run out of music or sound the same as other artist. True stories are fun as fuck to talk about and they make for really interesting journeys throughout my music.

Anthony – It’s true, a lot of great music is reliving your life and showing those memories in a new light to people. Now tell me Slush, what is the goal for you as a artist with your craft? What do you personally want to gain or reach with it.

Slush Bruh – I just want bruhs to be happy with themselves, stop worrying about shit, be you and fucking excited as shit with who you are. No one should feel like they gotta hide themselves to be happy and have a good time. Like I said bruh we’re all impulsive little fucks deep down and continuing to push that down in ourselves is just gonna lead to unhealthy habits and stress, for me I just want bruhs who need me to find me.

Anthony – I respect that man, do you have anything you’d like to say or conclude this with man?

Slush Bruh – Thank you for your time and remember, slush lives in us all

Anthony – Haha thank you Slush Bruh for your time and keep on slushing.

This conversation was held on December 17th, 2019 and I am so sorry I took forever Slush Bruh but it was a pleasure to chat with you. For those who wanna check my man out follow his Instagram, @slushbruh and run his streams up, this guy has a lot of projects lined up for 2020 that I can’t wait for so stay tuned, I am The Musical Hippie and this was my interview with Slush Bruh.


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