The Circus – Mick Jenkins (Reviews)

Alabama’s Mick Jenkins released his fourth studio EP “The Circus” on January 10th, 2020. 11 days afterwards I have settled my mind on what I feel for this 7 track EP that packs a lot for under 20 minutes. Now I won’t front I don’t listen to Jenkins very heavy, my favorite and most listened to project would be his 2014 album “The Water (S)” but besides that I am a casual listener. But his single “Carefree” got me pretty hyped up so without further a due these are my thoughts on “The Circus” by Mick Jenkins.

“Same Ol” is the intro track for the EP and had some real solid bars in it, the beat reminded me of Spongebob for the beginning part that plays over in the beat. Lyrically the tracks focus is on Jenkins not selling out to keep his success. “Carefree” follows and was the first and only single for the EP, depicting a summer night with some homies, smoking tree with a couple females over a jazz-funk fusion beat, this single has all the key components to formulate a banger and I really enjoyed it. EARTHGANG join Mick as the only guest features on the EP for “The Light.” This song I feel is about the final high, sobering up and reflecting on yourself while accepting that maybe being high isn’t what you need yet at the same time your urges lead you into chasing a new high, trying harder drugs to only reach a higher state. “Flaunt” was where I sorta started to disconnect from the EP, a trap like track lyrically where Jenkins raps about being humble while also flexing his muscle and money, i just think this was a weak track but had a cool beat. Track 5 titled “The Fit” seems to take a flip on people mentally being fresh verses looking fresh while still maintaining bars about keeping a hot appearance. I think the bars are really solid for this track and enjoyed the beat as well. “I’m Convinced” is all about being firm with your words and self, this track pulled me back in because of its lyrical strength and solid production. The final track, “Different Scales” really packs a punch lyrically as Mick Jenkins lays it all on you table, scales representing the lifestyles some choose to participate in while the other being ones who look in and showing their views.

Overall a solid EP in my humble opinion from this remotely underground artist, I think “The Circus” has its share of pros that outweigh any cons that leave it set up well for Jenkins to release another album hopefully in 2020. My favorite tracks from the EP are “Carefree” and “Different Scales.” “Carefree” reminded me a lot of “Jazz” from “The Water (S)” for the production and smooth lyricism. “Different Scales” had a lot of bars so I gotta give it a nod for that, straight raw and rugged. Defiantly peep this EP if you have a chance, these are my thoughts on “The Circus” by Mick Jenkins.

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