Hurt so Good – Jordan Fiction (Music Video)

New York artist Jordan Fiction (@jordanfiction) released a music video for his single “Hurt so Good” back on October 31st, 2019 and recently contacted us to cover it. When Mr. Fiction contacted me through Gmail he compared his sound to recently posted singer pscila while also saying he is similar to Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. That was a big claim but after smoking a bowl and dipping my toes into the pool of vibarant singing Jordan has convinced me and also impressed me as well. “Hurt so Good” reminds me of a tragic love story where one party is missing their ex. The music videos visuals were very beautiful, reminded me of Kid Cudi or Jaden smith for the usages of violet and red while blending in dark, shadow enclosed sections. The beauty I heard and saw is only captivated by Jordan Fictions very flamboyant hair which helps keep him in memory because of the unique look. Please follow Jordan, @jordanfiction to help get this brother the love he deserves.

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