AHA – Cast (Music Video)

New York based artist Cast (@totallynotcast) released his latest music video for his song “AHA” on December 31st, 2019. Now this may be late like your homework but man am I glad I found the time to listen to this funky brother, Cast has more color than a crayola box in this music video with vibes that could move tectonic plates. Lets just start with the production is simple yet hard hitting, it reminds me of of the 2000’s but also has so many different sounds I found my whole body grooving to it. Lyrically the song is solid, I like Cast’s flow and delivery and voice, I think it helps standout real well. Now standout here for me is the videos production, though simple it is colorful and effective on keeping my interest with some pleasing aesthetics throughout. Defiantly give this brother a follow, @totallynotcast to help get the word out on who he is and to just spread the love.

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