Neon Dreamz Co Merch Drop Night Recap

After living in Bakersfield since June I finally found the time to stop by a must shop spot to help celebrate a new merch drop with Neon Dreamz Co. I arrived a little over 6PM and was warmly greeted by Lani, one of the two owners of Bronson Alcott High Vintage (@_balcotthighvintage). I was taken away by how open and colorful the store is, she then would introduced me to Drake, other co-founder of High Vintage as I was stunned by the color. I was lead out behind the store where I found myself in the middle of the merch drop, Lani brought me to Neon Dreamz Co founder, Ryan also known as PartyONE (@gehrigryan)

I had the honor of talking with PartyONE and learning a bit about his brand and self. Neon Dreamz Co was founded as a music label locally in Bakersfield, CA with the goal of helping support local artist. It has now bloomed into a brand which is setting up for more releases in 2020. The name Neon Dreamz is a combination of ParyONE’s usage of neon in his music with the lasting goal of achieving his dreams along with the dreams of all co-label artist.

After our conversation, I had a quick smoke and wandered over to Absolute Kaos (@absolute.kaos). Founded by Fernando Sanchez, Absolute Kaos has been around for a year but started releasing merch in June, the two shirts pictured above our two of their most recent drops exclusive to their pop-up shops that have been around from the event to the mall. Fernando was very welcoming and hooked me up with some slaps for the collection. His clothing is tailored to casual street wear with the look of a skater, even selling boards and grip tape as well.

After chopping it up I danced my way to the Taco shop set up for the event. I was unable to get the caters name but I spent $4 on 2 bomb vegan tacos. Made of cauliflower, carrots and onions, these were some fire tacos that I wish anyone who came could’ve experienced. The live DJ was also a show stopper, really enjoyed the music he was playing and his mixing was real solid. I concluded my time with a couple purchases, a high quality Neon Dreamz Co beanie pictured in the heading image, a solid Starting Lineup Grant Hill figure and 3 miniature statues of Horace Grant, Reggie Miller and Larry Johnson. Overall I highly recommend you follow all the pages tagged above and please support them, these local artist and business thrive off our the community around them and I for one am happy to have been a small part of what feels like a loving community, I am The Musical Hippie and this was my experience at the Neon Dreamz Co merch drop.

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