IGOR Tour: My Fourth Experience with Tyler, the Creator

As the year winds down I want to reflect on the perhaps my favorite concert of 2019. On October 12th, 2019 I went to my fourth Tyler, the Creator concert. I have been going to almost every concert with Tyler since 2017 when the Flower Boy Tour had started. I arrived in Fresno a hour before the show started, it was my first time at the Convention Center which was poorly handling the onslaught of fans, I had spent time in 4 different lines just to get my wristband. GoldLink was the opening act, before his recent comments on Mac Miller I had no really care for him past a couple singles, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself dancing to his set list. Blood Orange was a surprise for me, I had never heard of them until the concert and the little pre-show listening I had for them made me optimistic, I liked their sound and hearing them live really changed me into being a fan for the group. Now the main act was of course why I bought my ticket for $75, Tyler the Creator came out in a mint green suit to “IGOR’S THEME.” The roof exploded from the Convention Center as Tyler’s shriek echoed throughout, suddenly I found myself drunk on passion as the set continued because I felt myself lost singing to all my new found favorites from Tyler. This was more than worth the seventy-five dollars spent on my ticket, I left with my tour tee, a bunch of footage and one less rubber end on my headphones as I waited for the long drive back to Bakersfield, CA.

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