Never Get To Cry – Simply S.A.M. (Music Video)

Indiana based artist Simply S.A.M. (@simply_s.a.m_) released his latest music video for his single, “Never Get To Cry” on December 5th, 2019. The Illinois artist is a very interesting one indeed, with songs like “The Inner Me Enemy” and “Hate To Love You” show S.A.M spitting bars but “Never Get To Cry” has my man in the fields and chilling on the porch while blending a mix of country, blues and rap in one. Now while you may take that blend and be afraid to hear it out I personally think S.A.M. should continue with it and morph this into his on staple sound because honestly it banged pretty hard. Follow Simply S.A.M., @simply_s.a.m_ and show him some major love.

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