This Me Is Dead. – Yvng Wav (Review)

Hollywood based artist Yvng Wav (@yvng_wav) officially released his first EP “This Me Is Dead.” on November 15th, 2019. We featured this brother back in September for his single “Ocean Veins” which appears on this EP. The EP has some solid features and a very emo rap meets lofi vibe to it, I like to think this is what Kid Cudi or Jaden Smith would make which is a previous comparison I had made due to the vibes I was feeling from the EP. But enough with the basics lets dive right into the review, this is”This Me Is Dead.” by Yvng Wav.

“Dead.” starts off the EP with a slow yet heavy hitting beat that has bars that seem to revolve around a woman and the things brought by fame. Solid track overall. “Icebox Ataraxia” features The Great Raw (@thegreatraw_tgo) and by the tracks usage of ataraxia which means tranquility and that’s the vibes I got, very chill with some solid bars from both of these artist. “Ocean Veins” which was released on September 1st, 2019 was a very vaper-wave meets lofi type track. The lyrics as I originally wrote about are very soothing and the production from afterdvrk (@afterdvrkprod) and mixed/mastered by Souls4SXLE (@souls4sxle). Track 4 titled “Die Like a Rockstar” features Mike Million (@millrunnaz) which breathes Lil Peep vibes for me from the production. The songs lyrical focus is on the rockstar lifestyle. The conclusion to this EP titled “Trust Fall (Outro)” which plays over some slow piano as Yvng Wav lets you drift away in the ocean of melodies.

Overall I have to say this a great EP from the underground artist who has been dropping gems like a miner. I was vibing heavy to the whole production of the EP and really felt the two guest features also shined on the album’s slow & mythical sound. My favorite tracks were “Ocean Veins” and “Die Like a Rockstar.” “Ocean Veins” was the song that got me into Yvng Wav with its production and beautiful usage of vocals. “Die Like a Rockstar” just has the vibes of a sad rap track where with the reality of fame damaging and eventually killing some of our younger artist it speaks volumes and shows how the rockstar lifestyle is deadly. A must listen to fans of lofi or for those looking for a new sound, follow Yvng Wav, @yvng_wav to help support his music venture.

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