The Dark and Trippy Collages of t666xin (Art)

While working seasonally for FYE I found myself in the presence of some really cool cats, one of which I found out was a supervisor named Tatiana aka tot or as I will show you her alter ego t666xin. Like a science teacher in 6th grade I had to dissect my coworker on her art bit by bit. t666xin has been drawing since she was a toddler, developing her style in her senior year of high school. The biggest influence has always been music, stoner metal and 60’s music were her fuel for art while she also studied psychedelic concert posters and the artist behind them. Collages have been her latest endeavor. For her regular drawings she works on paper with thin markers while on canvas she uses paint markers. For her collages she uses cardboard and cuts imagines from old photos, magazines, newspapers or any sorta media and then draw her own doodles into them which adds to her original style of work. She does sell small canvases if you hit her line in the nick of time since commission periods are always tight. Her goal as a artist is to create something new everyday, when I asked her about making money from it she responded “If I can get paid for it then hell yeah, that’s tight. So if you enjoy any of this art please follow her Instagram, @vinumsatati to help grow her following along with hitting her up for commission pieces for the holidays.

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