Monday to Sunday – First Cousins (Single)

San Francisco based group First Cousins released their debut single “Monday to Sunday” on November 29th, 2019. We got exclsuives from First cousins about this and 2 future singles to release but before we dive in let me give you a quick explanation on the group, First Cousins is made up of 5 members, front-man Deytripz (@deytripz), rappers KP (@kpnoir), BK (@bk_cuz) and TK (@toussaint_king) along with their producer/DJ RCA ( Now the song starts with Deytripz on the chorus as the trap like beat builds pace which leads into BK’s verse. The song from what RCA said “centers on the constant pursuit of the luxe and the lavish. Deytripz follows after BK and contiunes the solid tracks lyrics with a nice standout voice that helps keep the track going. TK aka Dr!p concludes the solid track with a good bar packed verse Follow all this brothers from the bay, their Instagram’s will appear next to their name.

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