Closed On Sunday – Kanye West (Music Video)

Yeezy brings a whole new vibe in his music video for “Closed On Sunday” which released November 28th, 2019. The music video begins with Kanye huddled up in a crevice as the beat begins. We then cut to the West’s walking on a bumpy stone as military vehicles full of people roll up. Caitlyn Jenner looks more lost then me when my mom left the checkout line as a kid to grab something as we see a whole crowd around Kanye staring blank into the camera. Kanye becomes Rafika kinda spiritual as he falls to his knees with the sun setting. A choir forms around Kanye who stands with the look of a lost man being rediscovered after the edibles hit. North closes the line taking A$AP Bari’s small line. Dope cinematography and overall vibrancy in the music video.

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