Jvon – Thunderboy (Music Video)

Seattle’s own J’von (@catman.png) released a music video for his track “Thunderboy” from his double single release project “Electric Hand” on the 26th of November. The smooth lofi nature of this track is matched with a beautifully hand animated music video that plays out like a epiosde of Dragon Ball Z, from the music video’s description, “yuudo (thunderboy) is a mysterious child, being the sole survivor of a lightning storm that obliterated his entire village. since survival, a great sense of darkness was felt inside him. subsequently, yuudo began developing the ability to manipulate light energy. this darkness has not come without cost, however. as his powers & feelings grew, they began to attract other dark powers (demons). it soon becomes yuudo’s sole desire to find out what really happened during that storm long ago.” I really loved the animation and have been a fan of J’von for years so follow his Instagram, @catman.png and tell him The Musical Hippie sent you.

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