Happy Pills – BradBrooks x RoseBudThinks (Music Video)

BradBrooks (@thebradbrooks) of Productive Honey (@productivehoney) teamed up with RoseBudThinks (@rosebudthinks) to release a new music video for his song “Happy Pills.” BradBrooks takes a trip to see his counselor (played by Wackavelli – @wackavelli) to open up to him about his struggle to find happiness due to dark realities and terms of life while finding happiness in who he is. After a eyes checkup with Gab The Sandbox (@gabthesandbox), RoseBudThinks closes out the song with her lovely low voice that fills the room . The main message which is reveled at the end is that no matter what you aren’t alone, that popping pills or choosing another means of taking your life isn’t the right choice and that you need to look for joy and peace in yourself, that your strength will get you through, to be patient above all and not take “happy pills.” Dope song, loved the music video and these talented artist so please follow their Instagram’s located next to their name.

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