Remember Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home? (Throwback)

Growing up I learned a lot from classic shows and video games that many now a days may never know. I know Michael Vick in Madden 2004 was a cheat code, I should have not been playing The Godfather at age 5 and that Dukes of Hazzard left a scar on my memory from the clunky, confusing game that was published in 1999 by SouthPeak Interactive. I remember my dad owning this game and playing it for myself as a youngster when I had a PlayStation 1 and recalled it being the hardest game I had ever played at around 3 or 4. The controls were wonky and graphically pretty poor though being a 1999 game we had top tier games like Silent Hill, Spyro 2, Resident Evil 3 and Medal of Honer that had very good graphics for the late 90’s. Now that isn’t to say this game wasn’t fun, it was a fast paced racing game with fun physics that I always remembered because I crashed more then I would proudly admit, matter of fact I don’t ever think I fully finished the game because I was stuck on the mission where with Daisy’s jeep you had to take out the General Lee, being that I was barely able to even race I had no chance at stopping the car because you would have to ram into it, causing the unknown assailant to pull over.

The game sees Bo and Luke Duke winning a race in Hazzard County in which Boss Hog finds a way put of paying the Duke boys winnings. The game was a very tedious one, from outrunning Rosco to rescuing Daisy Duke, for its period it had solid content. Like any racing game it had special pick up items ranging from speed boost to oil slicks that would slow down opponents. The game also had a decent health system since the General Lee is a character of its own, from the bumper to sides you are able to potentially fail a mission just because Lee is damaged and you’re unable to reach a repair wrench. Rather then play the story I had more fun running a muck by testing the games physics which were nonexistent, whether you hit a ramp or crashes the games physics are that of a modern day Madden or WWE 2K game. The one thing I never noticed was how horrendous the models for the characters looked, while the game isn’t the most impressive these models look like a candle that has melted.

Now a big nostalgia for me is the games soundtrack. A country pop themed album I always remembered the first stages theme and the iconic menu track as well. I will proudly admit to owning a copy of this on CD back in the day and always had it bumping in my Lighting McQueen portable player. Their was also a co-op feature in the game that I really can’t remember but I am sure my dad would since if we played together I most likely annoyed him with my lack of attention and focus for on beating the mission. This game will always have a spot in my mind for its hilariously bad physics and the hours of torture I felt trying to beat it. Sadly Dukes of Hazzard has been blacklisted from media lights due to the confederate flag on the General Lee but this game will always keep the sprite of the general alive and racing.

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