Pennant – Hubbs (Music Video)

Pittsburgh’s own Hubbs released a music video for his track “Pennant” from his album “Tony Peña.” Now I ain’t heard of this brother from Pitts until I seen a ad on Instagram this music video which caught my attention due to the beat and comic book filter used on the video, I just had to peep the video. The video starts with a zoom out of Pittsburgh Pirates legend Willie Stargell as Hubbs takes the mound and slams the ball out of the park. As the beat picks up Hubbs drops a smooth verse that had me bobbing my head. This is the combination of Earl Sweatshirt and MF DOOM right here, I really felt these 2 artist when I was vibing to this track. Credit has to go to Nysceworkk (@ @nysce.workkllc) who produced the track along with the director, Jayson Council (@ newburghcity) and the man who edited and shot the music video, BMER (@blake.mer). Please follow this brother and show him love, his Instagram is @itshubbs. I also left his album below the music video to peep so please go show that some love.

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